19. sep. 2004

XML, RSS? It's great!

Have you ever seen a small orange icon XML on a blog? Have you seen orange icon at the bottom of the screen of Firefox 1.0PR? Did you ever wondered what is syndication of blog?
Well, I've found out!

The new Firefox 1 has a new feature, 'Live Bookmark'.
On Blogger.com you can change 'settings' and choose to syndicate = spread your blog in a form of atom.xml. That creates a new file which transforms your blog to optimized XML form. Now here comes the new feature of Firefox. You add new 'Live Bookmark'
Bookmarks->Manage Bookmarks...
File->New Live Bookmark...
In the Feed Location: window, just add the path http://[*whatever].blogspot.com/atom.xml
Than watch and admire!
You have a new folder in Bookmarks. It expands and shows you links to all the recent posts of your blog! Withot ever going to the site you can see new posts!

If you prefer different 'soon to be' standard RSS you can visit Feedburner. It's great, simple and free There you can set many different settings and even make an animated gif with titles of your recent posts and a link to your blog (look at my footer), which you can add to ANY internet page!

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