17. sep. 2004

FreewarePalm: Moody Log v1.0

Heh, a simple program. But my friend Dariomanno would sure find it useful. He wouldn't have any problems with different moods - he could just enter - neutral all the time! :)

FreewarePalm: Moody Log v1.0

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  1. Ha ha ha LOL :D Not true! I'd enter "Very happy" all the time :P It's all under the surface, it just my facial expression that confuses people.

    Hey, I've a new progie for ma' Palm as well. It's a smaller version of personal finance managment progie you use. A lot smaller: under 30kb :-) Its called PCash and you can check it out here: http://pcash.sourceforge.net/

    And Toast Timer will most definetely answer all of your needs for timing whatever you need to time: http://toast-timer.sourceforge.net/