12. sep. 2004


This is some serious fun! Register with e-mail adress and make your computer a part of the scientific research! The program downloads small packets (work units) of data (~340 kb) from Arecibo Radio Observatory and analyse it for traces of *extraterrestrial* life! Than after it's done (on my 1.6 GHz Pentium IV - ~6 hours) it sends the packet back to Berkeley. And off to another...and another...
There are also many, many free add-ins!
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2 komentarja:

  1. Yeah, they've been at it for some time now. It's a clever way to build a supercomputer: ask people to donate idle time on their internet conected computers :-) There are also other such projects, such as Donate your PC's idle time to AIDS research or Google compute. It's an interesting way to help worthwhile projects. Personaly I'd rather donate my computers idle time to cancer or AIDS research. Those two fields are in my opinion more important than searching for aliens ;-D

    Question: can I be a part of such projects even if I only have a standard phone line connection to the internet?

  2. OOps. I didn't even know about AIDS research. I'll go and try.
    Yes, it works fine even on slow modems. There are only 340 kB of data in the package!