3. jan. 2008

Bookeen Cybook Gen3

I had received my first dedicated e-book reader. It has e-ink technology. It means that the screen is very similar to paper. Almost identical. Of course, as an electronic device, it offers much more. Font size and type changing on-the-go, dictionaries, and a whole bunch of books on at the touch of a finger.

I got the black cover. It looks like a planner.
The device is fantastic. The screen is HUGE and the contrast is great and readable! It is very thin. The navigation is easy. It has synced with mobireader without any problems. Booting is really quick (cca 20 sec). Moving the file is so easy as Cybook acts as an USB disk.
I already put several fonts on it (had to delete the cache file manualythough).
The "eastern-europe" characters (čžš) work when a html file is processed through mobipocket creator as UTF-8.

My only complaint is about line spacing and margins in mobi files. And some custom made dictionaries don't work.