12. sep. 2004

Canyon USB 2.0 Flash Drive

My friends bought me this for my birthday. It's great! 128 Mb (123 Mb usable on FAT32) of storage capacity is quite enough. I can even run Firefox from it. And it's so small it fits into any pocket. And it's stylish too!

2 komentarja:

  1. No geek should be without it! Welcome to the family :-) Now... 123Mb is a lot... but 512Mb? That'd be so cool ^_^ Oh oh! Or 1Gb! Mmmmmm...

    What I'd really like to see is a laptop with organic led display, a processor with passive cooling and flash cards for a harddrive. Runing some Linux offcourse ^_^ These would seriously kick PDAs out of the water :-D

  2. Dario don't you think it's too late for suggesting on more massive amount of storage capacity? You should said that about month ago and Mitja would be happier with bigger stick:)Ok, I'm happy that you're satisfied with the little flashy and it is quite state of art, becouse it has blue blinkin' light!