6. dec. 2006


NerdTests.com User Test: The Trekkie Test.
trekkiness: 139 This means I'm: Commander
What does it mean? I know Trek, and I love it. I may not dress up in uniform every day, but I'm dedicated to my series, or two, and happy with being entertained by it.

Comparison Summary:
Of the 7561 unique test takers...
For: trekkiness
9% scored higher, and
91% scored lower.
The average Raw Score is: 103.0, your's was: 139.

I am OK with this result. I know it could be even better if I used memoryalpha... ;-)

3 komentarji:

  1. I took it again and this time with memoryalpha and answering with "yes" to everithing...
    I was a Captain 179.

  2. Anonimni3:02 pop.

    U suck...and u call urself a trekkie?? I took it...and i got 165 the first time, no problem...better for u to just go watch some star wars...they aren't so complicated...

  3. Heh, you I couldn't answer yes to various questions like. have you visited any ST conventions, because there are none in Slovenia. Yet.