7. nov. 2004

WALLA 1Gb mail!

I recently found this free service! Everybody can apply!

3 komentarji:

  1. Anonimni5:25 pop.

    not working

  2. Anonimni3:12 pop.

    Nope, that one didn't work for me either. But I found the service on the net and tried to make an account there. I didn't work also.

    I was wondering... I trust Google as much as not to sell my mails and mail addresses. But I don't think I trust this Walla thing... newer heard of them, their page is very sparse on information about them. I wouldn't trust them for more than a throw away mail account under a nick name.


  3. sorry, the link was wrong. It should work now! It works fine for me. Just one commercal banner.