6. okt. 2004

Love sure is great!

Just a thought.


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  1. Anonimni12:08 pop.

    IIIIII so sweet!! Ljubim te Mitja!
    1/2 blob

  2. Anonimni11:39 dop.

    Ammm, i think that there is autmn comming to town and not spring, so maybe u all are too soon or too late for gruljenje and golobckanje in this very moment?

  3. Anonimni11:44 dop.

    It's just a thought, only a thought
    But if my life is for rent and I don't learn to buy
    Well I deserve nothing more than I get
    Cos' nothing I have is truly mine

  4. And since when have I ever paid any attention to when the apropriate time is for something to be done? ;-) So why shouldn't Mitja just say what he feels instead of waiting and beeing to late? I support him 100%, girls need to hear they are loved, every day and if possible several times a day. :-P

  5. Anonimni1:48 pop.

    O! Ali je Andreja tvoja macka, glede na to, da ti lajkas ketse?